Toyota allocates $ 100 million for new developers of artificial intelligence and robots

In November 2015, the company Toyota, the unit was established the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), designed to develop robots and artificial intelligence. For this purpose it was decided to allocate within five years at least $ 1 billion.

Yesterday the Japanese manufacturer announced the formation of subsidiary Toyota AI Ventures that TRI will initially allocate 100 million dollars. These funds are intended for financing of young companies developing artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, cloud-based technology.

It is already known that the first financial support of Toyota will receive a company Nauto, SLAMcore Intuition and Robotics. The first deals with creation of systems to monitor the condition of the driver and traffic to prevent road accidents. The second is developing algorithms for self-driving vehicles, allowing them to generate maps of the world and determine its position on them. The Intuition Robotics company is developing robots that play the role of companions for the elderly.

Source: Toyota



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