Tower cooler ID-Cooling SE-214L available in white design

Company ID-Cooling has provided a cooler of tower type SE-214L designed for all current CPU sockets, including AMD AM4. Design is able to withdraw from CPU up to 150 watts of thermal energy, its contribution to the result makes even the base of the heat sink with radiator fins.

On the bottom of the cooler includes four heat pipes of a diameter of 7 mm, they are in direct contact with the surface of the CPU. The dimensions of the radiator increased to 129×80×160 mm, it consists of 51 aluminum fin.

The radiator is blown by one fan frame size 130 mm, with hydraulic bearings. The blades rotate at a speed of 500-1800 rpm, speed can be adjusted by means of PWM. Air flow in this case reaches 1.97 cubic meter per minute, and the noise level varies in the range of 14.2-30,6 dB. And nominal starting voltage 12 and 7, respectively.

With dimensions of 129×80×160 mm weight of the cooler ID-Cooling SE-214L is 680 g. the Model is available with red and white illuminated fan for $30, version Snow Edition is priced at $35.



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