Total investments in startups working in technologies AI has increased over the year by more than 60%

The market of systems of artificial intelligence for the last time is actively growing and this growth will only get stronger with each passing year. Of course, there remains the question of the correctness of the term in the current reality, but now not about it.

According to the source, referring to analysts CB Insights, last year young company engaged in the technology AI, managed to collect more than $ 5 billion of investment, which is a record. For comparison, the total investment in 2015 amounted to 3.12 billion dollars.

The number of rounds of financing projects of this sector increased from 493 in the year to 2015 658 2016. In addition, the growth of investments in companies located outside the United States. If in 2012 only 21% of investments in this area of the company is not from USA, in the past year, these startups have already collected 38% of all investments.

The importance of AI, albeit in the form in which such technologies are now, it is difficult to overestimate. Apple joining the Partnership initiative on AI, that’s great demonstrates.


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