Toshiba will soon show SSD 512 GB sizes 16 x 20 mm with NVMe support

Progress in the development of flash memory with a volume layout so that each cell can store three bits of information (BiCS TLC FLASH), and allowed Toshiba to create the world’s smallest SSD of 512 GB. The product is a chip in the BGA package on the PCB occupying a plot size of 16 x 20 mm (size M. 2 1620). The drive is equipped with interface PCI Express Gen3 x2 and supports the NVMe Protocol. The manufacturer promises to show a novelty at the event Flash Memory Summit 2016 to be held in Santa Clara from 8 to 11 August.

The BG series, which also includes SSD size M. 2 2230, designed for ultra-thin mobile PCs and tablets. The series consists of models with capacity of 128 and 256 GB. In addition to miniaturization, the advantages of the new SSD include low power consumption to increase the battery life of computers.

First trial samples of the new Toshiba SSDS will be shipped only in OEM channels, and a wide range of customers they will be available in the fourth quarter.

Source: Toshiba



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