Toshiba TC7766WBG is the industry’s first receiver for wireless chargers with power up to 15 watts, certified Qi v1.2

According to the company Toshiba, its chip TC7766WBG became the first and only receiver for wireless chargers with power up to 15 watts certified to meet the Qi specification v1.2 EPP (Extended Power Profile).

With dimensions of 2.4 x 3,67 x 0.5 mm chip TC7766WBG besides is the smallest single receiver Qi v1.2. Flexibility in using TC7766WBG is provided by the I2C interface by which to access the registers of the receiver. The output voltage can be selected in the range from 5 to 14 V. the Maximum current is 1.7 A.

Along with the model TC7766WBG-M000 capacity of 15 watts manufacturer offers a model TC7766WBG-M010 5 watt. Applications of these receivers include smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, including devices for industrial use.

Source: Toshiba



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