Toshiba takes on Western Digital to court, demanding $ 1 billion

Toshiba’s Memory and Toshiba Corporation (TMC) appealed to the Tokyo court, accusing the Corporation Western Digital Corporation (WD) and its subsidiary Western Digital Technologies of unfair competition. The plaintiffs hope the compensation in the amount of $ 1 billion.

The lawsuit appears in the joint venture agreement with the participation of Toshiba and SanDisk (the latter is a subsidiary of WD). According to Toshiba, SanDisk WD exaggerates the rights associated with the intention to sell Toshiba TMC. WD attempts to prevent the sale of the company TMC, which is not a party to the joint venture, are illegal. At Toshiba believe that selling the TMC does not violate any rights acquired with the purchase of WD SanDisk. Action WD as suggested in the Toshiba, dictated only by the intention to place the sale. They are hurting Toshiba and TMC.

The lawsuit alleges that the company WD illegally gained access to industrial secrets and Toshiba TMC in consequence of the transfer in the employees of SanDisk who had access to confidential information by virtue of participation cooperation with SanDisk and Toshiba/TMC.

As stated, Toshiba is not prevented WD to information of the joint venture and its developments, believing that WD will engage the relevant agreement. However, this did not happen. To prevent increased damage, TMC WD has blocked the access to this information, starting today.

Source: Toshiba

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