Toshiba started to get out of the crisis

Toshiba has published the report for the second quarter of the 2017 financial year, which ended for a manufacturer 31 September.

The company’s revenue for the quarter amounted to 13.58 billion dollars, 920 million dollars less than a year earlier. The company explains the difference between currency fluctuations and a decline in sales of TVs and PCs.

Operating profit amounted to 721 million against operating loss of 830 million dollars a year earlier. Net profit reached 351,5 million dollars, having decreased during the year by 145 million

The only unit which showed a small (2%) revenue growth yoy — Energy System & Solution. The rest of the units reported a reduction of revenue.

Overall, Toshiba believes that the quarter ended positively, especially against the background of past losses associated with the scandal of overstatement leadership.



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