Toshiba simplifies the development of SoC

Toshiba has announced the availability of solutions under the name Easy Prototyping, which is intended to ease the task of developers of single-chip systems. It provides the ability to reuse the elements required to design a SoC with a prototype of the FPGA tools. The implementation of this solution can significantly reduce the time of transition from the FPGA to a custom SoC. Solution Easy Prototyping platforms available on the Toshiba FFSA and ASIC.

In conventional prototyping, FPGA developers can’t use the same elements in the SoC as libraries and IP cores for a specific FPGA. Easy Prototyping to the corresponding elements in the transition from FPGA to SoC occurs automatically with the inclusion of chains «wrapper» to compensate for the difference between the prototype and the implementation.

Development support Toshiba and third-party IP. Now Easy Prototyping can be used in relation to the kernels that implement the interfaces 10 GbE (MorethanIP), PCI Express 3.0/2.1/1.1 (Northwest Logic), DDR3 SDRAM (Northwest Logic). The manufacturer promises to continuously expand the list.

Source: Toshiba



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