Toshiba signed the documents on the sale of its semiconductor division

A week ago it became known that Toshiba is willing to sell its semiconductor business to a consortium that includes Bain Capital, SK Hynix and Apple, for $ 18 billion.

The Board of Directors of Toshiba has approved the transaction on 20 September, but the signing of the relevant documents was postponed at the initiative of one of the consortium members Apple, which demanded in exchange for their investment to review for the conditions of the delivery of memory modules.

Then it became known that Western Digital intends to prevent the transaction, having addressed in arbitration court which may be delayed until 2019. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors of SK Hynix has approved the allocation of funds for participation in the purchase of semiconductor manufacturing to Toshiba.

Today, Toshiba has published a small press release, which referred to the signing of the agreement at the previously designated conditions. It also says that the transaction must be closed no later than March 30, 2018.



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