Toshiba signed a Memorandum of understanding with the consortium, which includes SK Hynix

Toshiba today signed a Memorandum of understanding with Bain Capital Private Equity — a leading member of the consortium, which plans to buy the semiconductor business of the Japanese giant.

Recall, this consortium also includes SK Hynix, the Fund Innovation Network Corporation and the Bank Development Bank of Japan. This player offered by Toshiba 22.3 billion dollars. However, the total amount in the document while not mentioned, as it is still a Memorandum of understanding, and not the signing of the deal.

He not only is optional, but provides an opportunity for Toshiba to simultaneously negotiate with other bidders. In fact, the document clearly States that the company is continuing negotiations with two consortia.

If nothing changes, the deal should be concluded by the end of September.

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