Toshiba sells the TV

Toshiba intends to sell not only the semiconductor industry. According to news reports, the Japanese manufacturer is also ready to sell a television product. Selling this activity Toshiba should be completed within the next 12 months.

Sales associated with the need to cover the losses of the American subsidiary Westinghouse Electric, working in the field of nuclear energy, which recently launched the bankruptcy procedure.

Among the possible buyers of production of TV sets Toshiba named the Chinese company Hisense Group and Turkish Vestel.

Check that the Toshiba is already long enough produces TVs under its own brand in the Japanese market only. In Europe, the right to produce and sell televisions under the Toshiba brand name is owned by Vestel.

A year ago, the Chinese company Midea bought the Toshiba home appliances manufacture with a trademark.

Source: CDR Info



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