Toshiba ready flash memory 3D TLC NAND with volumetric layout of the crystals using TSV technology

Toshiba Memory announced the development of the world’s first flash memory TLC BiCS FLASH with a volume layout of the crystals with use of interlaminar connections (Through Silicon Via, TSV). In June, the manufacturer began shipping prototypes and evaluation samples should be prepared in the current semester.

The use of TSV allows high speed transfer and low power consumption. This technology has already been tested Toshiba crystal 2D NAND.

Combining 8 crystals 48-layer memory 3D NAND, managed to get a chip with up to 512 GB in a housing of dimensions 14 x 18 x 1,35 mm. In body height of 1.85 mm is placed in a «stack» of 16 crystals with a total volume of 1 TB.

According to the manufacturer, the new memory will find application, in particular, in SSDS the top corporate segment.

Source: Toshiba



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