Toshiba may allocate the semiconductor business into a separate company and to sell part of Western Digital

Continuing the process of restructuring, Toshiba is considering the separation of the business. In particular, there is a possibility of selection of profitable semiconductor in the direction of a separate company, but to resort to this option makes a large write-off in business related to nuclear energy. Yes, Toshiba is engaged in this direction.

On the possibility of separation has declared a press-the Secretary of the company Kaori Hiraki (Kaori Hiraki), so it is not about speculation and rumors. Presumably, the Japanese giant will allocate the semiconductor business into a separate company, it will lead to the exchange and sell 20% for $ 2.7 billion. A possible buyer can be a Western Digital.

However, this scenario is not required for the Toshiba is probably the least desirable.



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