Toshiba is open to talks with Western Digital about the sale of semiconductor production

Although Toshiba already named preferred buyer of its semiconductor business, it is open to talks with Western Digital on this issue. This was reported by a source with reference to the words of the CEO of Toshiba.

The Board of Directors of Toshiba considered the preferred buyer consortium, which includes the Fund Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, an investment company Bain Capital Private Equity LP, the Bank Development Bank of Japan and SK Hynix. With high probability, this consortium will become the new owner of the enterprise Memory Toshiba Corporation (TMC). Western Digital in the consortium is not included. It is, as we already reported, trying to block the sale of semiconductor manufacturing to Toshiba.

The consortium includes the company SK Hynix, which is considered a factor that could hinder the approval of antitrust authorities. Moreover, the involvement of SK Hynix pushes away from joining the consortium, the company Western Digital, which fears the diversion of advanced NAND technology. Interestingly, according to the head of Toshiba, the company SK Hynix will not get a share in the company TMC and will not be represented in its leadership.

Source: CDR Info

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