Toshiba is going to release the HDD 14 TB before the end of the year

At the end of last year, the company introduced Western Digital HDD HGST Ultrastar He12 volume of 12 TB. A record volume was achieved through placement in the housing of the eight plates, PMR technology and the pressurized zone with helium.

It was also said that should soon come out and a 14-terabyte model from the same series. However, it has not yet happened. Meanwhile, the first company who will start selling the HDD 14 TB, may be Toshiba.

According to the source, a company representative said that such drive will be released «very soon», adding that this will happen this year. Unfortunately, no details at the expense of the drive there, but it is unlikely from a technical point of view, it will be much different from the other very large HDD.

Recall also that Seagate back in the beginning of the year talked about the issue of HDD with capacity of 18 TB within the next year and a half.



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