Toshiba is expanding production of flash memory with a volume layout

In February this year, Toshiba bought in Japan land for a new factory for the production of flash memory. At that time it was not announced what exactly will be built there and when. The manufacturer is limited to the message that decisions regarding the construction schedule, performance, factory and machinery investment will be made in accordance with market trends through 2016 fiscal year (in Japan it began on 1st April).

Today Toshiba told them about the decisions. The construction of a new manufacturing facility that will specialize in the production of flash memory with a volume layout of the BiCS FLASH is scheduled to begin in February 2017. As factory Fab 5, the new production will be built in two stages in order to «optimize the investment in accordance with market trends.» The completion of the first phase is expected in the summer of 2018. In addition, Toshiba plans to build next to the factory R & d center, which will specialize in research and development in the field of flash memory. With it, the manufacturer expects to concentrate in one place all the work in this area, is now performed in several places.

The productivity of the plant, the allocation of funds for the purchase of equipment and schedules of production will be determined by market conditions. For Toshiba expect to be involved in the project, the company Western Digital, which is known to have recently purchased a SanDisk partner Toshiba speakers in the production of flash memory.

Source: Toshiba



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