Toshiba introduced the flash memory QLC 3D NAND and the world’s first chip flash memory capacity of 1.5 TB

The Memory company Toshiba Corporation announced the creation of flash-BiCS FLASH, capable of storing in each cell, four bits (QLC), how do you manage to increase in comparison with memory TLC NAND.

In the prototype with a volume layout, there are 64 layers of cells QLC NAND. Its density is 768 GB. Delivery trial samples to the SSD manufacturers and controller for SSD has already begun.

16 packing of such crystals QLC 3D NAND in a single package, managed to get the chip record-high volume: 1.5 TB. The manufacturer promises to show it at the event 2017 Flash Memory Summit held in Santa Clara from 7 to 10 August.

Source: Toshiba



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