Toshiba introduced the 96-layer 3D NAND memory TLC, which she hopes to launch next year

The Memory company Toshiba Corporation announced the creation of a prototype chip 96-layer flash BiCS FLASH surround layout. Each cell of this memory stores three bits of information. Trial samples of microcircuits 96-layer flash memory 3D TLC NAND flash density 256 GB should appear in the second half of the year and the serial production of the manufacturer expects to start in 2018.

Allegedly, the new memory is suitable for the consumer and enterprise SSDS, smartphones, tablets and memory cards.

In plans — release of the 96-layer chip density is 512 GB and the introduction of technology QLC, which allows to store in each cell of four bits.

Compared to 64-layer BiCS FLASH memory specific storage density increased by 40%. This allows you to make more memory from one plate to reduce the cost per bit.

Issue 96-layer BiCS FLASH is to master in the factory Fab 5, opened about a year ago the factory Fab 2 and Fab factory 6, which should start operating next summer.

Source: Toshiba



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