Toshiba has doubled the capacity of lithium-ion batteries

Toshiba announced the development of lithium-ion batteries SCiB new generation. They differ from the current Toshiba SCiB batteries new anode material in them is to use a composite oxide of titanium and niobium, but not of lithium and titanium as it is now. According to the manufacturer, it is possible to double the capacity while maintaining the dimensions. In addition, the new batteries have increased charge rate. They are designed for electric vehicles.

For clarity, the manufacturer results in such a score: — compact electric vehicle new batteries after six minutes of charging will be able to travel 320 km.

It is important that the new material is less prone to separation of metals during rapid charging and during charging at low temperatures. This phenomenon leads to accelerated degradation of the battery and may cause internal short circuit.

The commercialization of development scheduled for 2019 financial year.

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