Toshiba does not preclude the sale of all of the semiconductor business

After news of the intention of Toshiba to report a huge net loss the company’s shares fell markedly. Before the looming prospect of the manufacturer is to leave the stock exchange, if prior to March 27, he will not be able to rectify the situation.

Loss for the nine months from April to December 2016 is projected to equal $ 3.5 billion, while the company’s debt by standing at last September has amounted to $ 7 billion. In these conditions of sale 20% of enterprises received an allocation of production chips, may not be enough. The head of the company said that the possible sale of a major part and even the entire semiconductor business, because at stake is the continued existence of the Toshiba.

In turn, the loss of control over this key source of revenue puts into question the prospects for investment in Toshiba and might be fatal for the company. Usually in such conditions, manufacturers are trying to get rid of unprofitable assets, while maintaining the most competitive areas. So a while ago did Sony have relied on the production of image sensors and waived the production of the PC and several other units.

Source: Reuters



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