TOP 10 Thriller 2017: the thrill on TV

Fans of extremely topical films can enjoy the numerous thrillers, arrived in cinemas in 2017. Thrillers have Comedy features, and dark color. In any case, when choosing a high-quality film, the audience will be able to get the expected thrill.


Jackie Chan in the role of a veteran of the Vietnam war carries many of life’s tragedy: the execution of his father, the prison, the educational camp, the loss of children and wife. Latest events occur already when the hero settles in London and tries to lead a quiet, regular life. The unwillingness and inability of the police to help him to punish the murderers of his daughter and wife cause the character to conduct their own investigation and to remember his dark past bomber.

Those who come to the cinema to watch a classic movie with Jackie Chan, waiting for a complete disappointment. There is no infinite kung-fu battles and humorous inserts. The film deep enough. All of it built on undercover the game officials and the tops of the terrorist organization. Hero Jackie, in fact, does not change the course of events, he’s just constantly «comes on the tail of» one of the main villains of the film.


The plot of the film is simple but sowing intrigue. In correspondence of one of the firms gets a mysterious letter. The Secretary asks the driver for their mutual boss to take the envelope to the specified address it. In place Igor (driver) meets a woman who asks you to deliver a letter to the new address, unexpectedly appeared on the envelope. Grandma suggested the driver for this old coin, and the hero agreed.

Despite the simplicity of the story, the filmmakers managed to create an atmospheric Thriller with elements of horror. The film is definitely snug, but at that level, which now is a movie of this genre, we can say that the authors of the «Envelope» has achieved good results. The game the main character leaves much to be desired, but his colleague Yulia Peresild seem harmonious, in any manner.

«The flatliners»

A group of medical students came up with an interesting experience. They in turn enter into a state of clinical death, with the help of his colleagues, who subsequently have to get «traveler to the light» back. In the experiment, the heroes want to find out what’s on the other side of life. Such a dangerous game leads to the fact that one of the students returns from the dead with the dreaded appendage. Later feel was wrong and the other heroes.

The film was a remake of the eponymous film made many years ago. Then «the Flatliners» was in the top highest-grossing films. New version is far from the original. The film is not terrifying, he is not able to scare as much as it could the first picture. However, the Central idea remains the same. Why the authors repeated the already shot film, and even bad, is unclear.

«Abode of shadows»

The building, located some distance from the city, five lives of children.
Take care of the youngest older brother Jack. Their mother recently died, but nobody knows about it, as adults immediately intervene in the lives of our brothers and sisters and resettle them in different orphanages. The mystery of the bereaved family is threatened when the elder brother falls in love with a neighbor girl. In addition, the lives of children complicates the mysterious occupant of the house that does not belong to this world.

The main advantage of the film gets the atmosphere, recreated in the scenes. It saves when the film lacks originality. There’s no suspense with sounds and sudden movements. Fear hovers in the air throughout the event. This is the highlight of the film.


The story takes place in Victorian London. There’s been a series of murders. In General, the chain should be included the death of John Cree. Initially his death was blamed his wife, but the inspector Kielder convinced that this is a mistake. But the footprints still lead him to the theater stage, where the suspect works.

The author described some of the details of the murders, allows you to think about what he was inspired by the legendary crimes of Jack the Ripper, was operating in London in 1888. The plot is quite confusing. It involved flashbacks to the past, current events, the trials. At some point most viewers are tired of dizzying shifts of images and lose track of what is happening.


«Made in America»

Barry seal carries passengers. Simultaneously with these he transportorul smuggled goods from the USA to Canada. When it becomes known to secret services, the hero is forced to spy on the camps of the rebels and to collect photographic material on them. Drug lords from Colombia are also turning their attention to the pilot and invite him to carry cocaine and guns on the very best for Barry conditions.

The movie is somewhat exaggerated, demonstrates the shortcomings of the democratic system in America during the Reagan administration. Many characters take their places, and their line perfectly evident throughout the course of the story. A Thriller film makes the dynamic and dramatic plot. Spectators are spellbound watching the development of events from the first to the last minute of the film.


In the midst of war in Yugoslavia, the us military will know that at the bottom of the lake near their deployment, lie tons of gold. During the Second world war, the Nazis tried to smuggle, but all drowned. The soldiers want to raise the gold from the bottom part to keep and the rest to pay for the restoration of the country. The complexity of the project create the Serbian military. They want revenge for their stolen General.

Those wishing to see the breathtaking fractures of the plot or a little bit of decent action in advance to prepare for disappointment. A large part of the film is devoted to drawing up a plan to dive to the bottom of the lake in a deserted area. Of danger there is uncertain. The film is more like a film about the adventure of robbing a Bank, but a squad of heavily armed guards is not expected gold guard died many years ago, the Nazis.

«Good time»

Career criminal, Connie decides to Rob a Bank. The thing he takes with him his mentally retarded brother. When partners have already fled with the money in one of the packs inside the bag explodes the capsule with the helmet. Machine accomplices gets into an accident and brother Connie detained. To the hero manages to escape, but he can’t leave his ailing brother in trouble.

The main character played by Robert Pattison, and he did it brilliantly. He managed to change the General opinion about myself as an actor in one role. His representative in new York the bottom was bright and compelling. The film proved to be dynamic and action-Packed. However, her gloomy mood will not allow the viewer to relax for a minute.


In the course of a terrorist act in the eyes of the main character of RAPP killed his bride. A young man decides to take revenge and hunts down the masterminds of the crime. But at the last moment an act of vengeance rip the representatives of the CIA. As compensation the guy offering to join the ranks of special agents, and the first task is preventing a Third world war.

The authors took the path of least resistance and did not invent anything. Modern world is threatened by terrorism. So «Partner» is another Thriller where the main enemy is a terrorist. Such «repetitions» are to the detriment of the originality of the film. The audience does not react on this problem so acutely, and in many cases even remain indifferent to what is happening on the screen. Despite all the components needed for a good Thriller, film is no interest, and immediately moved to the list of uninteresting mediocre films at once.


The plot of the movie is based on real events. Young people – the children of Soviet Bohemians and bureaucrats – dream of a life abroad away from their parents. Two of the company under the guise of a groom and bride must carry on Board the plane in their things weapons. The plan of capture from crashing and now the hostages of a situation become themselves the perpetrators of a daring crime.

The film was emotional and real. The authors focused not on the crime, and the love of criminals. At some point the impression that the Director decided to present the young heroes fighting against injustice system and the situation. In the end, to judge the moral character of a pair to every viewer independently.


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