TOP 10 adventure 2017: exciting stories for fans of the genre

Lovers of adventure films in 2017 presented a lot of diverse films. They have lots of exciting incident, dramatic plot twists and an unexpected finale. Some expected pattern brought unexpected disappointment, but for the most part the film right to the end of the year brought the fans a lot of decent pictures.

«Dog’s life»

A touching film tells about the adventures of a dog, a puppy that appears, the boy is Ethan. After the dog dies from old age, he is reborn in the body of another dog. This happens several times until in one of his lives dog again appeared in the family of Ethan. What’s happening in the search for a dog of his destiny. For dog lovers the film will not always be easy and enjoyable. A series of deaths of dogs and them getting to not quite worthy of the owners can be a difficult show for true animal lovers. In General, the outcome of the film becomes interesting. For this picture worth seeing.

«Salyut 7″

The film takes place in 1985. In the space station «Salyut 7″ is a meteorite, which causes breakage on Board. Communication with the satellite from the Earth is lost. In addition, the power is turned off. To save the device and the honor of the Russian space to dock with the satellite, sending the two best astronauts. Arriving on Board, the characters find new challenges in the solution of the problem.

The Director was inspired by a real disaster associated with the space station. And if in the real world in those years, the repairs went according to plan, the film on astronauts fell more accidents and many other problems. The result is a perfectly adequate genre film, glorifying the heroic acts of men in dangerous professions.


The young man, being by profession meteorologists, sent to the island where he and an elderly lighthouse Keeper, no one. The caretaker is not to talk, so the guy is preparing for a solitary life, but it was not to be realized. Night of the sea face strange creatures and capture the island. They are trying to take over, and mind of the forecaster.

The plot of the film quite old-fashioned. The viewer has already watched dozens of adventure movies about people who are deluded about their loneliness on any island. The movie was not secured with a big budget. However, the result was an exciting movie with the original ending.

«The jungle»

The story of the tourist who got lost in the woods. The thirst for adventure and greed makes the young person and three more gold-diggers to go into the thicket of the jungle, where the team splits. The guy has to survive with minimal equipment. For residents of the city, this task is particularly difficult, given that he had to face the attack of the Jaguar, termites and rain shower. The film is quite dynamic and carries a certain morality. It is consistent with its genre and is able to attract the attention of viewers.

«Skyline 2″

Middle of the night drinking the police once again have to pick up his son from the station, where he was brought for a fight. On the way home father and son are at the center of the invasion of an alien race. Now their task is to survive and reach the coast, where they must expect the help. This movie, in fact, very similar to the farce, belittle an entire genre of alien action-adventure. The viewer will not find in the film neither common sense nor logic. The plot develops rapidly, not paying attention to the numerous stupid mistakes and delusional twists of events. Critics even suggested that the Director first sees the camera and was never familiar with other aspects of the quality of the filming.

«Gogol. The beginning»

The plot is very entertaining: a young clerk Gogol has a shimmering psychic abilities. The local investigator Guro wants to use this feature guy unsuccessfully tries to find the murderer of several girls near the village of Dikanka. During this time, the film will appear, some dead, and some of them even come to life.

The film was the first of its kind. It strikingly stands out from other domestic attempts to create a decent horror. The film can compete with foreign counterparts, adorning the world set genre of movies Slavic flavor.


«The mummy»

A special forces soldier Nick fighting terrorists and by coincidence, falls into a mysterious bunker. Here he finds the mummy of the Assyrian Princess, who was buried under tons of sand hundreds of years. During transportation finds the plane crashed, after which alive remain just the hero Tom cruise, and, oddly enough, the mummy. Awakened Princess extremely angry, and wants revenge on mankind for their fate.

The objective of the authors was the satisfaction of the tastes of the admirers of the horror of this type, fans of the previous version of the Mummy, as well as those viewers who enjoy exciting movies with twisted plot. We can safely say that the goal has been achieved. Despite the presence of the same movie, the new film turned out fresh and original.

«Wonder woman»

A young Amazon born and raised on the beautiful island and knows little about the outside world. All her life she was trained to be strong and to fight for the truth. Everything changes, when a girl discovers a miracle to emerge on the shore of a military pilot of the U.S. air force. Diana learns about the horrors of the First world war and decides to go fight for the salvation of the world.

The film, loosely based on the comic book, has become something outstanding. While outright trash it too can not be named. Diana is so unreal and invulnerable, to empathize with her does not make sense. This factor deprives the film the main feature – the formation of emotions. The audience reluctantly follows the adventures of wonder woman and are unlikely to want to repeat the viewing of the film again.

«Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales»

A son named will Turner and Elizabeth learns that they are confined forever to the sea of the father can be saved, having obtained the Trident of Poseidon. For this he needs captain Jack Sparrow. In the process of finding a guy meets a girl-astronomer Carina, which need the Trident for their own purposes. In parallel, the picture has the second line where Jack Sparrow pursues old enemy, captain Salazar, whom Jack had once killed.

The authors presented the film as a completely new story with young heroes. However, there is everything from Jack Sparrow to Barbossa. Even individual Villa and Elizabeth constantly refers to during the course of the film. We can say that the new Duo of young actors pales before the brilliance of tandem Knightley and bloom. Still the movie has dynamics and is not devoid of Comedy scenes that makes it interesting for viewing.

«Armour of God: in search of treasure»

Archaeologist Jack in company with a female Professor and assistant travel to Tibet in search of the lost treasure. There they fall into an ice cave where you find the remains of troops carrying the jewels. Here they are attacked by an aggressive descendant of fallen soldiers. Escaping captivity, the heroes are sent to auction in Dubai, where to acquire a diamond, giving access to the real treasures.

Dynamic adventure Comedy combines the features of China and India. Jackie Chan has not changed him. It is a dynamic the chase and fights in the style of action. All this is accompanied by a humorous frame, which adds to the picture of charm. The plot is simple and not overloaded with details. A worthy sequel to the brilliant career of Jackie.

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