Too much salary — reason because of which Google left the veterans who worked on the project of an unmanned vehicle

An interesting article was published on the website of Bloomberg, it is due to unexpected reason, which has encouraged many Google employees to leave the project team unmanned vehicle. At the moment, we recall, is the unit called Waymo.

In some measure the role played by factors such as change of leadership, changes in strategy, as well as the desire of people to engage in their own projects. But the main reason is in very large fees, which at some point the officers ceased to hold their jobs, deciding to try something new.

Those who worked on the project of Google unmanned vehicle, had an unusual system of payment, which depended on the value of the project. In addition to the salary people got bonuses and shares in the business, and after a few years Google has started to multiply bonuses. By the end of 2015, payments become so large that some of the veterans, having accumulated sufficient savings, paid attention to the other proposals. At least two employees described the situation with the phrase «F-you money».

In the end, the team left its leader Chris Urmson (Chris Urmson), who founded his own company and other key employees.



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