TomTom and Baidu will jointly offer a high-resolution map for self-driving cars

At the conference for developers of artificial intelligence, which the company holds, Baidu in Beijing, she announced a collaboration with the manufacturer of navigators TomTom. The partners intend to work together to create a high-resolution map for self-driving cars. In addition, they hope to offer a global service that provides access to these cards.

In fact, we are talking about the transition Baidu on the platform of TomTom. In the asset latest products HD Map and RoadDNA using high-precision digital maps. They already cover the USA and Western Europe, including more than 360 000 km of roads. TomTom maps are the industry de-facto standard that can serve as the basis for a safe self-governing movement. Company Baidu, dealing with maps from high-resolution from 2013, focuses on artificial intelligence technology to automate the process of mapping.

According to the leaders TomTom and Baidu, the consolidation of efforts and standardization will help to accelerate the implementation of technology self-driving cars.

Source: TomTom


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