Tomorrow Hyperloop One will make an important announcement in the UAE

In mid-September, the company Hyperloop One received another batch of investments in the amount of $ 50 million, which will be used for the design of the cargo Hyperloop branches in Dubai.

Earlier, in the spring of this year, Hyperloop One successfully tested in the Nevada desert power plant train Hyperloop. Now the company has started to prepare the public for some important announcement, which will take place on 8 November in the UAE.

In the published promotional video, we show images of the aforementioned tests, as well as a lot of computer graphics depicting the future of the branch Hyperloop around the world.

Hyperloop One argues that in the future the drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (140 km) will take only 12 minutes. The distance of 368 km between the Doha and Dubai will be covered by the Hyperloop trains in 23 minutes. And from Dubai to Riyadh, which share 854 km, can be reached in 48 minutes.



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