Tomorrow Google could be fined a record-high amount

Antitrust regulators of the European Union concluded an investigation of Google and are ready to announce the decision. It is expected that the company will be fined at a record large amount, and you will hear the verdict tomorrow. About it reports the source with reference to anonymous sources familiar with the situation.

Note that while considered only one of the three cases against the search giant, according to anti-monopolists abusing their market position. This review was initiated in April 2015, when the antitrust Commissioner has accused Google in the distortion of search results to favor its service purchases.

According to European laws, the offender may be fined up to 10% of annual turnover on all markets not only in Europe. In the case of Google this means that the fine could exceed 8 billion euros. In practice, it is expected to be not so great. So far, the largest collection of the European Commission is a fine of EUR 1.06 billion imposed on Intel in 2009. As we already reported, Intel is trying to challenge this decision. According to the latest data, the outcome of the appeal will be known not earlier than next year.

Source: Reuters



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