Tokina brought to IBC 2016 high-aperture lenses with a focal length of 35 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm, designed for video

At the Amsterdam conference and exhibition IBC 2016, dedicated to the production and broadcasting of television programs, Tokina company brought their first full-frame lenses for video shooting. Three models with focal lengths 35 mm, 50 mm and 85 mm, characterized by the same transmittance T/of 1.5.

Unlike many other lenses for video shooting obtained by completion of external design of the existing models for photo products Tokina was originally designed for video.

All lenses with metal housings have the same dimensions and location of the rings of management. The focus ring have an angle of rotation 300°. The lens is designed for filters with a diameter of 112 mm. the Aperture consists of nine petals. According to the manufacturer, the resolution of the lenses meets the requirements of a full frame sensor camera that can shoot 8K video.

New items will be offered in versions with mounts PL, EF, MFT and E-Mount. Weight, depending on the model of lens and mounting options, ranging from 1.95 kg to 2.32 kg Model with a focal length of 35 mm manufacturer estimated at $3999. Costs the same as a lens with a focal length of 50 mm, and the model with a focal length of 85 mm will cost $4499. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2017. Later, the manufacturer promises to release a similar full-frame lenses with a focal length of 18 mm and 25 mm are also characterized by the transmission T/of 1.5.

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