Today in Singapore on public roads out the world’s first unmanned vehicles of the taxi service

Autonomous cars will become a familiar part of our lives, but now companies in a variety of ways to test cars equipped with systems that are designed for a car without a driver.

And if on the roads of Helsinki in the near future will be unmanned compact buses, in Singapore today officially launched the world’s first service unmanned taxi.

The company NuTonomy originally from Massachusetts Institute of technology, has received all relevant approvals from the regulatory bodies of Singapore for the launch of «Robo-taxi» in the city’s business district, where since April was carried out testing of unmanned vehicles.

The service is not available to everyone and anyone can leave a request and wait for an invitation, which is necessary to download the firmware. Of course, the driver’s seat will not be empty. For greater safety behind the wheel will sit engineer NuTonomy, but to drive it in regular modes will not.

Service chose specially equipped vans Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Of course, they cannot be called a full-fledged unmanned vehicles, as it is a normal production car, equipped with special devices. And they are created not for the conquest of a new market, and for more detailed testing of all systems in the real world.

Recall that Uber until the end of the month intends to bring to the public roads of such vehicles within their taxi service.



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