To replace the lithium-ion batteries may one day come batteries on seawater

Lithium-ion batteries used in modern mobile devices, along with the advantages, have disadvantages, including the difficulty of recycling and the relatively high cost of a key component of lithium. South Korean specialists of the Institute UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) managed to develop a very attractive alternative to the battery, runs on sea water.

Strictly speaking, created the battery should be called a sodium-air or sodium-oxygen. Such elements are known, but until they are ready for commercialization.

Sea water is a great «catholyte» — she plays both the role of the cathode and the electrolyte. According to the researchers, a constant flow of seawater provides sodium ions required for the charge storage in the porous electrode made of oxide nanoparticles of cobalt-magnesium. The anode was made of carbon.

Allegedly, the new battery has demonstrated good energy efficiency and service life. When a design leaves the lab and will be in serial products — is unknown.

Source: ACS


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