To release the inflatable LuminAID lamp with a solar battery have been collected four times more money than was planned

On the site Kickstarter is a fundraiser for release of the LuminAID lamp. Planning to raise $15 000, the creators of the device have already raised nearly $62 000. The campaign will run it for 21 days.

The LuminAID lamp is interesting in that its battery capacity of 2000 mA∙h can be recharged from a USB port (in this case to charge just 1-2 hours), and from the built-in solar battery (need 12-14 hours). In turn, LuminAID can be used for charging mobile devices. Interesting lamp design to make it compact, the developers made the LuminAID inflatable. Degree of protection the device is IP67. The lamp weighs approximately 240 g.

Depending on the selected mode, the operating time of the lamp is between 3-5 hours (luminous flux is 150 LM) to 44-50 h (luminous flux 15 LM). There are five modes including flashing emergency beacon, in which the torch can operate up to 60-72 h.

Source: Kickstarter


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