To reduce noise the fans Nanoxia N. N. V. received the two-piece housing

The range of companies appeared Nanoxia fans of the series N. N. V., in which the noise reduction is achieved not by standard methods. This usually in places of mounting brackets made of rubberized gaskets, damping of the vibrations that are generated fan. Nanoxia did differently — the frame of the novelties consists of two independent parts (internal and external) between which is a rubber elements for noise reduction.

The fans Nanoxia N. N. V. uses hydrodynamic bearings and wear-resistant plastic, the stated service life is 50 thousand hours. So far only models of size 120 mm, in different versions: in the case N. N. V. 120 — PWM speed vary in the range 400-1650 rpm, with a fixed speed 800, 1200 and 2000 rpm noise Level generated and the air flow also varies considerably: from 6.1 to 29 dBA and from 0.77 to 2 cubic meters per minute. Starting voltage in all cases is equal to 7, with the exception of the model Nanoxia N. N. V. 120 — 800 (9 In).

Model Nanoxia N. N. V. 120 — PWM will go on sale first in mid-February. The price is all modifications will be 22 euros.



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