To protect British prisons and airports from drones will be the real eagles

In the following short video, published at the beginning of the year, the company Guard From Above, which is based in the Netherlands demonstrates how the actual eagles can be used to intercept small unmanned aerial vehicles.

In September of this year it became known that the police of the Netherlands first in the world will begin to use trained eagles to catch drones that illegally enter forbidden territory.

Now, publishing Independent reports that the work of the Guard From Above interested in the British government, which plans to use the eagles to intercept drones delivering drugs and weapons in the local prison.

The Commissioner of police of London Bernard Hogan-Howe (Bernard Hogan-Howe) confirmed that they always look for innovative proposals and is currently considering using eagles to fight drones-offenders.

The publication adds that the eagles will use at the airports and in the plant that may be attacked by UAV intruders.



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