To meet the demand of smartphones OnePlus 3T will be produced in India

According to the resource Reuters, the company OnePlus intends to start production of the smartphone OnePlus 3T in India at the beginning of next year. This is done in order to satisfy the demand in this country.

According to IDC data, referenced by the source, OnePlus ranks third in India among the manufacturers of smartphones in the segment of «more than $ 300″. On the first and second place is Samsung, and Oppo, respectively.

Speaking specifically about the current flagship of the company, OnePlus has already received in India is 200 000 registrations on buying a smartphone, despite the fact that sales began just last week. The company representative believes that OnePlus has lost about 30% of sales due to insufficient inventory of smartphones, having in mind not only the current flagship, but the previous model.

Exactly who will manufacture the OnePlus 3T in India, is still unknown. The company is negotiating with several partners, including Foxconn, which has recently ceased production of the model X. the OnePlus



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