To improve road safety, Volkswagen will begin to equip vehicles with the means machine-to-machine interaction pWLAN

If you give the cars the ability to share traffic information between themselves and with the road infrastructure, it could improve safety. Since 2019, the company Volkswagen is planning to equip their cars with an appropriate means.

For the exchange of information will be used to connect, built on the IEEE 802.11 p (pWLAN). As stated, it works with high speed within a radius of 500 m. the Choice of an industry standard will provide interoperability with vehicles from other manufacturers and road objects. Messages sent within milliseconds, allow the driver to «see around corners», to get information about what is out of sight.

In the first model, which will appear on the market in 2019, the received information will be communicated to the driver in the form of notices or short messages. Since the data exchange is used for local connection, there are no associated costs for traffic and connectivity is not reliant on cellular coverage.

Realizing that the effectiveness of the technology will directly depend on its prevalence, Volkswagen has made efforts to promote pWLAN.

Sources: Volkswagen, Volkswagen


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