To buy Apple HomePod expressed a wish 14% of iPhone owners, but wanting to buy Amazon Echo is still more

A month ago Apple introduced a new brand for yourself, but not for the market product: smart acoustic system HomePod. Unlike other competitors, HomePod — first and foremost, the speaker quality (according to Apple) sound, and then home help.

HomePod will be on sale until the end of the year, but now analysts at Raymond James tried to assess the prospects of the device. According to the survey showed that 14% of smartphone owners plan to buy iPhone HomePod. Of course, the reality will be otherwise, and about any 14% of the question will be, but the main thing lies in the statistics regarding the intent of consumers.

For example, after the announcement of the Apple Watch want to buy watches scored only 6%. That is, from this perspective, the HomePod looks promising. However, in absentia to call it a success is also not necessary, as 16% of iPhone owners expressed the desire to buy Amazon Echo is a product of this family. And this despite the fact that this device has long been on the market and many people have already managed to buy it.



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