TMC will invest in the factory Fab 6 independently

Toshiba announced that its subsidiary Toshiba Memory Corporation (TMC) engaged in production of flash memory, invests in production equipment for clean room Fab 6 «unilaterally».

That Toshiba plans to invest $ 1.6 billion in factory Fab 6, was announced in late June. The company TMC turned to SanDisk, the joint venture partner producing flash memory, with a query about the possibility of joint investment in Fab 6. However, to reach agreement failed.

This was the case with the option of self-financing where the new production will be the property of TMC only.

The equipment of the first stage Fab 6 Phase-1 will produce a 96-layer flash memory BiCS FLASH next generation. In the current financial year is planned to allocate about 195 billion yen, which should be sufficient for the installation of equipment Phase-1 and construction of Phase-2. Equipment installation is scheduled to begin in December.



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