Tizen walked on the Android Wear OS for smart watches

Citing data from Strategy Analytics, the source claims that the operating system Tizen on the smartwatch market ahead of Android Wear.

In the first quarter of 2017 this OS took 19% of the smartwatch market against 18% in Android Wear. The difference is minimal, but it is worth remembering that the smart watch with Tizen Samsung releases only, while models with Android Wear are produced by many companies.

Of course, the leader is still WatchOS, which accounts for 57% as Apple sells more devices in this market. The share of other operating systems in the first quarter accounted for only 6%.

Against this background it is amusing to look at the predictions of these analysts, which they did less than two years ago.

As you can see, then, Android Wear, together with a full-fledged Android, which is now for smart watches almost no use, almost three times superior to Tizen for market share. Against this background, analysts suggested that by 2019, the gap will increase many times and the proportion of Tizen will fall to 2.2%. Of course, until 2019, there is still time, but given the current situation, we can hardly expect a confirmation of those predictions.


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