Tim cook sold some Apple stock at about $36 million

Executive Director of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) recently sold 334 thousand shares of the company headed by him, generated about $ 36 million.

This information was recorded by the U.S. Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), which also confirmed that to cover taxes, was sold 656 thousand shares worth more than $ 70 million.

Cook took advantage of the right sale of Apple shares last week when he said five years at the head of the company. In the part that Tim cook received 1.26 million shares for a total of about 135 million dollars. A large part of the stock he received for the management companies, an additional bonus in the form of 280 thousand shares relied on him for high quotes Apple in recent years.

At the moment, Tim cook has left more than 1.3 million shares, which are valued at around $ 140 million.



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