Tim cook sold another 270 thousand shares of Apple for $28.7 million

Earlier this week we wrote about the fact that Apple Executive Tim cook (Tim Cook) having the right to sale of the bonus shares, sold part of the company’s securities in the amount of about $ 36 million.

Almost immediately after Tim cook sold another 269 993 shares at a price of 105,95 to 107,37 dollar gain for them of $ 28.7 million. Just a few days the head of the company realized approximately half of 1.26 million shares, which he received for five years, successfully held the post of Executive Director of Apple.

But even after this sale Tim cook left more than a million shares of the company worth more than $ 110 million.

It also became known that senior Vice President of Apple’s Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio) has sold about 50 million shares for $5 million.



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