Tim cook has denied information about the drop in sales of the Apple Watch, stating on the record the beginning of the Christmas season

According to the latest data from research company IDC, in the third quarter sales of smart watches Apple Watch fell substantially, with the result that the company has taken only the fourth place in the list of the leaders in the market of wearable electronics with a share of 4.9%.

In response to a request from Reuters to comment on this information, the head of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that in the first holiday week that started with Black Friday, Apple Watch showed an overall sales record for the time since the launch of the device.

Tim cook added that the sales growth was just enormous, with the result that the company is preparing to report the results of the year the best quarter ever Apple Watch. According to him, Apple Watch should become one of the most popular gifts this year.

While Tim cook declined to provide specific sales data.



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