Tim cook commented on the declining sales of iPhone smartphones in the first quarter of 2017

Recall that in the recent financial report, Apple stated that over the last quarter, the company sold 50,7 million iPhone, while in the same period a year earlier, sales totaled 51.2 million smartphones.

Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) were quick to comment on the slight decline in iPhone sales over the past year, focusing on the fact that it’s not so much «decline» as «pause» before further growth.

The head of the company cash reserves which exceeded a quarter of a trillion dollars, believes that the growth stopped on the background of very interesting rumors about the iPhone, which have increased in recent months.

Obviously, some potential buyers prefer to wait for the iPhone 8 and not to buy the previously released model, when the background looms a promising new.

Also Tim cook said that demand for the iPhone 7 Plus was higher than Apple expected.



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