Tim cook claims that the technology for creating high-quality augmented reality glasses does not exist

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) gave an interview to the newspaper The Independent in which he went through the various aspects of augmented reality, its presence in the iPhone, and also raised the company’s plans about future devices.

According to the tradition, Tim cook did not comment on the rumors that Apple is working on its own augmented reality glasses that should produce a new revolution in the industry and may in the future surpass the popularity of smartphones. However, he said that even today there is no technology for creating high-quality augmented reality glasses.

«I can only say that as to date there is no technology that would allow to create really high-quality augmented reality glasses, he said. — Requires not only modern tiny display. You also need to place a lot around your face — with the realization that there are many problems. The angle, the quality of the display — we are not ready yet».

Repeating the famous mantra of Apple, cook added that Apple is not looking to be the first. The company will release a product when it will be the best.



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