Tim cook believes augmented reality is the same «great idea, like smartphones»

Last summer the Executive Director of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said that the company is investing heavily in the direction of augmented reality. In September 2016, he added that he believes more in the success of augmented reality than virtual, since the first allows people, using new technologies to stay in the real world.

According to the latest rumors, Apple may launch augmented reality glasses created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, this summer. During fresh interview with The Independent Tim cook called augmented reality is the same «great idea, like smartphones».

«Smartphones aimed at all people, we’re not positioning the iPhone as a device for certain users, or residents of some countries, he said. — iPhone is designed for everyone. I think augmented reality as an idea, just big, it enormous.»

«I am encouraged by what can be implemented using this technology. I’m not just talking about entertainment but also about things that can improve our quality of life. I look at augmented reality on the iPhone. This is not just a product, it is technology. However, before the technology will be good enough for the masses, it is necessary to solve a number of problems.»



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