Tim cook announced the first results of sales of AirPods headphones resounding success

Two months later than scheduled wireless headphones Apple AirPods went on sale. It happened two weeks ago, but this time the novelty had time to win popularity among users.

At least, so says Apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook). He used the phrase «runaway success» when describing the results of sales of headphones in the first two weeks. Unfortunately, as always, in quantitative terms, the sales data has not been announced and they are not worth waiting for in the next financial report.

Recall that AirPods went on sale in very limited quantities, and the first batch was sold out very quickly. The following should be expected only after a month and a half, if you focus on the official Apple website.

The majority of investigative resources to test new, appreciated the device as a whole is positive, evaluating the usability and the presence of interesting features. But expect AirPods very high quality sound is not necessary. Moreover, the study showed iFixit, headphones cannot be repaired.



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