Tickets for the new rocket Elon musk will not be more expensive than a normal ticket

The head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk (Elon Musk) also spoke about how he plans to organize flights between the major cities of our planet by using reusable rockets.

New rocket company called BFR, it stands for Big F@cking Rocket. Yes, with humor at Elon musk’s always been all right. Suffice it to recall his «boring» The Boring Company, which is engaged in the laying of tunnels.

Rocket BFR can deliver you to any point of the planet in less than an hour, and the most popular routes will be overcome in half an hour. The maximum flight speed will reach 27 thousand km/h. Elon Musk once again intends to produce a revolution, stating that tickets for the rocket flights will cost about the same as today are the tickets for air travel.

BFR will be a fully reusable rocket, which supports the refueling in space, it will also be used for missions to the moon and Mars. BFR capacity will be 150 tons. The developers make great emphasis on the security of the rocket which will be equipped with a 31 engine and will be able to continue the flight even in case of failure of one or more of them.

The diameter of the rocket will be 9 m, and its length exceeds 100 m, the BFR should become a most effective missile in history in terms of payload, launch costs and prices seats.

, SpaceX


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