Thuraya XT-Dual Pro is a mobile phone that includes cellular GPS module and a satellite module SAT

Little known among ordinary consumers company Thuraya introduced a mobile phone, which it calls the world’s first dual-mode phone with Always On. The question in this case is not about the standards GSM or CDMA, and the fact that the mobile phone works with SIM card on GSM networks, with the module of satellite communication.

The device is called XT-Pro Dual and apparently its specificity produces an impressive thickness, and not less impressive antenna. It is important that both the module when new items are constantly active. Needless to say, the device is not aimed at normal users so it has a GPS module (also supported by BeiDou and GLONASS), and the SOS button, which when pressed the phone will send a message or call to a predetermined number.

The device is protected from dust and water, and is not afraid of falling from small height, but the manufacturer does not specify what standards and ratings meets the phone. You can also note Gorilla glass unknown generation covering the display. The battery capacity is enough for 11 hours of calls or 100 hours in standby mode, what for such phones is equally important. About some «civilian» settings, like screen resolution, Thuraya does not even mention.

The manufacturer offers for your a variety of accessories, starting with extra battery and ending with a charger with a solar panel. The cost, unfortunately, is still unknown.


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