Three series of Seagate hard drives have expanded by a volume of 12 TB

Seagate has updated its line of hard drives: Baracuda Pro, and Pro IronWolf IronWolf. Each of them has added a flagship model to a 12 TB volume.

Hard disks of series Baracuda Pro-oriented desktop and network storage entry-level, while IronWolf IronWolf Pro and is designed for use in storage with a network connection (NAS) secondary and vocational levels. Of course, the model with the amount of disk space 12 TB will not be superfluous to any of them. Depending on a series of registry are marked ST12000DM0007 HDD (Baracuda Pro), ST12000VN0007 (IronWolf) and ST12000NE0007 (IronWolf Pro).

New items, as presented in last year’s 10-terabyte model, use the technology of filling with helium. HDD made in the body size 3.5 inches, have 256 MB of buffer memory DRAM, and a connection interface SATA 6 GB/s, and the spindle speed is 7200 rpm.

The maximum speed of data transmission in ST12000DM0007 and ST12000NE0007 is 250 MB/s, ST12000VN0007 – 210 MB/s. Varies also and warranty period: 5 years models series IronWolf Baracuda Pro and Pro, 3 years for the model series IronWolf.

Source: Seagate



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