Three-band AC Triangle Australe EZ has a high sensitivity

The company Triangle presented stereoacuity Australe EZ, which became the flagship of the average level of Esprit. Flagship Magellan series the new adopted technology DPS, that is, the second tweeter is on the rear wall of the housing. This approach is intended to improve the formation stage and to reduce the directivity in the transmission of the high frequency range.

Bass speakers are made of a composite material that combines carbon fiber and wood fiber, as a result, the emitter turns hard and easy, and the assembled system begins to «play» already from 29 Hz. It is also worth to thank magnet system with large ferrite magnet. The case got a new bracing design to further increase stiffness, the installation of speakers is made with the elimination of vibrations from the hull.

Three-band system Triangle Australe EZ is equipped with a crossover, posted on two boards to reduce interference, the section takes place at frequencies of 310 and 3900 Hz. The tweeter diameter 25 mm service range up to 22 kHz and supplemented by one midrange and three bass speakers of the same diameter 165 mm, but of different design. Cases are equipped with front vented enclosures. The sensitivity is quite high and is 92.5 dB nominal impedance is 8 Ohms, the minimum is 3.3 Ohm. The system can withstand up to 150 watts power input, the mass of each AC is 38.8 kg.


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