This year Xiaomi will make more emphasis on mainstream and expensive smartphones

Xiaomi company began its journey in the smartphone market with low-cost models that were comparable in price with products from unknown Chinese companies but much stood out on the background of quality.

In General, and now Xiaomi is much greater emphasis exactly on budget smartphones. But the market dictates the conditions and the emergence of many competitors makes Xiaomi to revise its strategy.

The source reports that Chinese tech giants this year intends to pay more attention to the more expensive models. The manufacturer will add to its range more devices of the middle and upper price segments. In addition, such products are more profitable, and the example of Oppo and Vivo shows that it is possible to sell in huge numbers and quite expensive machines.

The source also confirms the intention to release a Xiaomi smartphone Mi 5c single-chip system Pinecone V670 own design.



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