This year, the most common architecture of DRAM memory will be DDR4

Memory DDR4, JEDEC presented in 2012, appeared on the market two years later, but the first time its spread was hampered considerably greater price compared to DDR3. Over time, the price difference is decreased, and the number of processors that support DDR4 are increased, so that in 2015, the share of DDR4 reached 20%, and in 2016 — 45%. IC Insights analysts believe that this year DDR4 will become the most common memory architecture, DRAM, occupying 58% of the market.

The success of DDR4 analysts attribute the higher performance and density, and lower power consumption, which is especially important in mobile computers and other devices with Autonomous power supply.

The experts of IC Insights is raised and the issue price. The average price of DRAM started to grow rapidly in the middle of last year. For the period from April 2016 to February 2017, the increase amounted to 54%. With this in mind, IC Insights forecasts the growth of the DRAM market in 2017 by 39% compared with the year 2016. In monetary terms, the specified market this year will reach 57.3 per billion.

Source: IC Insights


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